Why Blog?

I created this blog in 2012 after graduating high school as a way to document life as young newlyweds and as an outlet for my passion for writing, creativity, and sharing our lifestyle and faith.

It’s since developed into a mix of things mentioned above but I don’t restrict myself to writing on any one specific thing.

From the beginning I’ve documented my graduation from high school, preparing to get married, facing societal pressures, our honeymoon, moving into our first apartment on a college campus, our desire to have children, leaving collegemoving into our first house, family, quitting my job, faith, fashion & beauty, loving my husband, our pets, and expecting our first baby, moving again, and more.

Some more of my most popular posts not included above are:

Knock, Knock

My Angel Without A Name


Post-Up Update

Mr. VanMeter

Through this blog I hope to inspire you and make you feel warm and fuzzy. After all, my most popular tag is “love.



5 responses to “Why Blog?

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Haha, yes, I hear the age thing a lot! I really appreciate your compliments, how sweet are you! I will most definitely check out your blog and I’m sure I will enjoy it as I am interested in reading anything beauty-related!


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  2. Hi Ellen…thanks for your sweet note. I grew up in the country right outside of Decatur, IL. We lived for a year in Rochester…so we were practically neighbors;) Blogging is a wonderful way to shrink things down isn’t it. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty sweet life.

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