Looking Forward: This Winter

I saw this idea on Bleubird and I thought it looked like fun and an easy way to kind of record what is current in our lives. Plus, I just really love making lists. You should do it too!

What are you looking forward to this winter?

Eating: Mom’s Christmas dinner.

Drinking: Nutcracker Tea.

Practicing: Kindness, patience.

Mastering: The art of sleep.

Learning: Something fun and creative. Calligraphy, maybe. Throwing the idea around.

Playing: In the snow with Ollie!

Hearing: Christmas music. All the time. Oh, with lots of Elmo too.

Finishing: So. Much.

Reading: The Wonderful Things You Will Be, a book we got for Ollie’s birthday. It’s beautiful.

Walking: Around our town.

Wearing: Thermal leggings. Sweaters.

Cooking: Oliver’s Birthday dinner we are hosting this week!

Working: On photos. We have so many amazing photos we have been waiting to print and frame and we finally can! And other little tasks in the house.

Traveling:  Next year. I’m glad we didn’t travel this first year with Ollie but we are excited for 2017.

Wanting: To take a shower then watch Bates Motel with my cute husband. And, that is exactly what I’m gonna do.


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