Psalm 56:8 reads:

You keep track of all my sorrows.

You have collected all my tears in your bottle.

You have recorded each one in your book.

Revelation 21:5 reads:

 He that sat upon the throne said, behold I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.

It’s April 22nd. It’s been 111 days. New Years Day was 3 months and 20 days ago. According to Forbes, only 8% achieve their New Year’s Resolution goal. So it’s likely you slipped up, if you made a resolution. And I probably wouldn’t be too far off if I guessed that most people broke their resolution much closer to 110 days ago.

Some may have promised themselves, or even God, they would quit this, or start that, or lose that. This probably resulted in a lot of discouragement, sadness, loneliness, and sometimes feelings of giving up, depending on what your resolution was. But, fear not, itsybitsyellen is here to lift you up!

Now, you’re probably wondering why I have those Bible verses up there, and I know you can hardly contain yourself. So, we will get started! I didn’t give myself a resolution this year. I’m not necessarily against it, in fact, I think it’s great to have a set time of renewal. People love structure and discipline and you could stay more motivated if it’s a movement everyone is joining. However, New Years Resolutions are often short-lived and often end with unpleasant feelings.

In Revelation, Jesus tells us that He makes all things new. The simple truth is, we cannot renew ourselves. We are only renewed through Christ. Now, I will let you in on something that is very important here: He doesn’t say, “I make all things new on January 1 of every year.” No, He doesn’t even say He will make things new only once. He knows we are sinful and we don’t live up to expectations we set for ourselves. If you are someone who is struggling right now you might be thinking, “Why would He make everything I’ve done in my past just go away? I’m too damaged to be renewed.” This thinking is exactly what Satan wants. Satan rolls in the mud like a happy pig when he hears our self-doubts of how we aren’t good enough. The Lord is your Father. Think of your biological father or a fatherly figure in your life. Think of that person’s love for you. Now think of someone you love so much you can’t explain it. For me, I’m thinking of my nephew. Before he came, I never could relate to the idea of doing anything for someone. Now I can. Our Father feels that way about you. He knows your past troubles and he knows what keeps you awake at night.

So remember: you can be renewed today. Honestly, what better time? It’s Spring. Never feel alone, for our Lord counts your tears and records them all. He never forgets how you feel. He knows you better than you know yourself. So, when you’re feeling unsure, just go talk to your Father. He knows the plan above all plans.


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