To the boy with a Kool-Aid smile:

ImageA child of God with a Kool-Aid face.

To my sweet baby boy,

I love how you would eat macaroni and cheese, sausage, bacon, and eggs everyday for breakfast if you had it your way. (Usually does!)

I love how sweaty you get when you sleep, yet feel so cool.

I love how you use to smell like “toast” when you were a baby.

I love how you love Jesus.

I love your beautiful eyes and perfect laugh.

I love how you expect me to say “I love you baby” every night on the phone.

I love how you call me Ellie.

I love how you tell me what colors to paint my nails.

I love how you are completely attached to your Uncle Nicko.

I love how you could dig in the dirt for hours.

I love how hard-working you are. You already display such masculine character, I know you will be a tough and hard worker when you grow up.

I love how you told me, “One day when I’m a farmer, I will build you a house in my yard. But of course you have to pay me to build it. It takes money.”

I love how I use to never imagine spending over $10 for hardly anything, but now I find myself dropping $80 on a garbage truck without blinking.

I love how you talk about the water park.

I love how our dog, Gunny, is your “Chef Dog,” “Police Dog,” “Jail Dog,” “Fireman Dog,” etc.

I love how at your restaurant “Two Green Beans” (catchy name, right?!) your special was: Peas and Carrots with an egg on top with mustard then more peas. Drinks are Papa Juice (Sweet Tea), Unsweet tea, sweet tea, Pepsi, and soda.

I love how you point at your belly button and say, “Ellie, I brought my belly button!”

I love how you talk.

I love how spending the day with you is me and your Uncle’s favorite thing. We always look forward to it.

I love how one time when you were playing in your crib you told me I smelled like salad.

I love how you always have to wear boots.

I love how you cannot stand being wet. Thus, perhaps why you never had an accident during potty training.

I love how absolutely smart you are. You are imaginative (the best), practical, innovative, bright, observant, and coordinated. You love fixing things and you’re the best engineer I know.

I love how you say, “Once I did that when I was 5.” (He’s 4)

Or how you say, “I flew a plane when I was a baby, did you know that?”

I love how your fortune cookie a few weeks ago said, “God looks after you especially.”

I love how all the girls in your class follow you around and you tell me you won’t kiss them because I’m your only girlfriend.

To my favorite little boy:

I promise to never pressure you into something you don’t want to do.

Before you came along, I had planned that I would tell my kids they had to go to college, get a prestigious degree, etc. Now, all I can think of is your happiness.

I promise that as long as you serve your Father, live the life He has planned for you to the best of your ability, and feel content and happy in whatever you do, I will be the proudest Aunt in the world. I know you’ll make the best preacher, football player, farmer, engineer, semi-truck driver, restaurant owner, doctor, cashier, policeman, firefighter, father, son, grandson, cousin, and nephew that I could’ve ever imagined.

I vow to support you (or do my best) with any decisions you make in life that reflect God’s calling upon you.

I vow to kiss your Kool-Aid mouth to the end of my days.


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