Happy Wednesday to you! I’m so happy it’s April. Nick and I are excited to move into our first house in less than a month. (Yikes, should we start packing soon?) It’s tricky since I still have finals to take in midst of moving over an hour away.

ImageBe happy! Mean, look at me, I have a fuzzhead today and I’m still cheesin’ it up!

ImageMy very handsome nephew. Coloring easter eggs!

ImageImageImageLast Monday we got 18.5 inches of snow! Ian and my polar bear pup had a blast in the snow!


ImageImageGetting bundled up! Ian is wearing my dad’s old Marine’s hat! Ooh rah!

ImageRockin the cheetah wedges and skirt for church! Even in the snow 🙂

ImageThis is our beloved chinchilla, Tilly. She is chunky, and completely beautiful.

ImageIn Puerto Rico, last August.  At the restaurant in the hotel’s beachside dining. It was gorgeous. Just like Nick.


Now excuse me, I’m going to go munch on homemade tortilla chips and fold laundry.


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