Bits & Pieces

It’s been nearly 10 days since I last posted and I wanted to share some bits and pieces of our life. Hope everyone had a great time celebrating Easter yesterday. It seems surreal sometimes that we have a Savior that loves us more than anyone else ever could. I think about the people I love most, and get goose bumps thinking that He loves us so much more! Remember that – next time you are feeling discouraged or unloved, that the Greatest loves us and that is the best feeling!

I don’t always have magenta-colored lips, but when I do, …. I certainly don’t mean to.


Missing this little angel since they moved away…Nick and I would ask to have her for our Friday night’s and I would absolutely love taking care of this little girl. Most people our age would look forward to Friday nights for parties or whatever, but we always looked forward to a night in with our little angel from downstairs!


*This little girl and her momma have an amazing story. It’s also amazing how God placed each other in our lives at a perfect moment. More on that later.


I really love avocados. In California, a lady from church always gave us avocados from her avocado tree. Now, Aldi will have to suffice. P.S. Notice how the wall, lamp, pillow case, tank top, and food match.


Nick and I are so thankful for each other and even more thankful God gave us each other. But really, I am not his, and he is not mine. We both belong to Christ as a sacred, married couple and we hope to fulfill Christ’s dreams for us, not our dreams for ourselves. Above is a picture from our wonderful and special day. It was so lovely and simple. We wanted a very intimate and simple ceremony and we got just that. It tugs on my heart strings to hear people say it was the most beautiful wedding they’ve been to and liked that we didn’t have any groomsmen or bridesmaids. Our vows are to each other and to honor Christ. The marriage ceremony is about two people. So many wedding pictures are consumed with the wedding party that it takes away from the intimacy the couple may/should have. Everyone has their own likes/justifications but I know Nick and I will forever and always be thankful that we had each other and no one else on our day.



Here’s a picture of my uncle. He’s awesome. And cute. And cool. I think I get my uniqueness from him.


^Finishing touches of my upside down Igor Stravinsky from last semester. P.S. He’s not left handed as the photo makes it look. It’s backwards, thus why his wedding ring isn’t on. Because it’s his right hand! I had to figure it out myself…


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